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Scented Candles

Making your candle throw is the primary goal of making a scented candle. Our candles are 100% natural with soy wax and natural cotton wick

Reed Diffusers

Long lasting diffuser with high quality of rattan wood with essential oil. Our range of diffusers will create an evocative and welcoming home from 2-3 months  

Scented Sachet

Scented sachets are use to hung in closets and cupboards or put into briefcases and luggage. Some are put under pillows to help one sleep and some are hanging in their car.

Reed Diffusers (Travel Size) 

Travel size reed diffusers (100ml) are the perfect size to give as a gift or to introduce a friend to the benefits of fragrancing the home using an oil diffuser.

Oversized Reed Diffuser (1,000ml)

Fill your large living space with the warm and pleasant atmosphere created by this oversize reed diffuser. Softly dispersing a beautiful fragrance into any room in the home.

Gift Set

Special gift for any occasion with home fragrance


Ultrasonic Machine.jpg

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

This marble glass ultrasonic diffuser uses electronic frequencies to create vibrations that are carried to the surface where oils are floating. The vibrations vaporize the oil and disperse it into the air without using any kind of heat.


Hand and Body Lotion (50g)

Discover our 3 signature scent rich and non-greasy, Hand & Body Lotions absorb quickly to restore skin's elasticity and deliver smooth, long-lasting hydration.

Refill_Le Jasmin Blanc.jpg

Refill for Reed Diffusers 250ml

Long lasting diffuser with high quality of rattan wood with essential oil. Our range of diffusers will create an evocative and welcoming home from 2-3 months  

Room Spray_L'Alsace.jpg

Room Spray (250ml)

Room Sprays are perfect for creating a relaxing environment at home immediately. Spritz in the air or directly on to linens, apparel, and more.

Oil_Cote D Azur 15ml.jpg

Aroma Oil (15ml)

Whether for physical or psychological benefit, or simply to enhance the atmosphere of your home, burning essential oils in an aroma oil burner is a wonderful way to reconnect with, and rediscover your body’s timeless connection with the flora of our wondrous planet.

USB Diffuser.jpg

Portable Diffuser

A convenient travel size aroma diffuser allows you to enjoy fragrance at home, during travel or in office. The design allows the diffuser to function without any water, with few drops of oils and able to enjoy the fragrance. It can also be used while charging with the USB cord or with AAA battery.

Candle Warmer.jpg

Candle Warmer

Candle warmer is versatility and the option to adjust the throw. A throw is essentially the strength of the scent from the candle, and how far the scent "throws" itself throughout the room.

Mini Candle Set (1).jpg

Miniature Signature Scented Candle Trio Set

Scented Candle Trio Set create the scent to match your mood. This set of three candles with fragrances of L'Alsace, Cote D'Azur and Provencal are part of our Signature Collection.  Packaged in a luxury gift box, they're a great present any occasion, or for a housewarming.


Each candle contain 90g x 3 and inslusive of Ma Chandelle matches

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