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Elevate your senses and transform any room with the Ma Chandelle waterless electronic aroma diffuser. A beacon of modern aromatherapy, this device delivers a sublime aroma experience in a luxurious, portable design, perfect for your home, office or on the go.

This rechargeable battery-operated diffuser can be used for up to 120hrs on a single charge and has up to 80㎡ coverage, so you can enjoy long-lasting aroma no matter where you are.

* Waterless design

* Rechargeable and portable

* Compatible with pure essential oils and perfume oils

* Three intensity mode

* Up to 80㎡ coverage

* Up to 120 hours use on a single charge

* Premium carry case

* Vegan and cruelty-free

* Fills the room with luxurious aroma in seconds, guaranteed

Waterless Electronic Aroma Diffuser

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